We consider us as partners to realize optimized production processes.
Ergonomic, semi automated work stations, single machines or productions lines with linked modules and order management. PROTION has the competence and know how in all areas.
The following applications for instance show the experience in various industry fields:
  • joining plastic components in a single workstation
  • Robot handling of parts to load and unload a processing machine
  • Conveyor modules for quality inspection and sequencing of consumer goods for packaging
  • Quality inspection of web material with sophisticated defect detection, marking and corresponding activity management
  • Welding, sealing and laser cutting of components for domestic consumer goods
  • Automated packaging and palletizing
  • Fully automated packaging line for abrasive discs including labeling and order management
We have particular knowhow in extending existing machines und to combine and link them to fully automated processing lines.
PROTION consults their customers from the beginning in all technical, economic and business affairs. Thereby we evaluate the best solution and create the corresponding machine. With these concepts our customers achieve the most efficient, reliable and future setting production equipment.
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