PROTION ORBOTER: The new Robot Type

A new generation for manufacturing, assembly, packaging and logistics

  • Handling on a new speed level
  • Maching with utmost flexibility
  • Logistics combined with new functions
  • Roboting with unexpected opportunities


  • Shuttles, so called ProBots on the Orboter, take parts or objects
  • The Orboter can be equipped with some or many ProBots, determined by its purpose
  • The ProBots can have all the same function or each one can have a different function, dependent on what is needed for the application. Any combination is possible.
  • The track path may have round or oval shape. It can have also an application defined complex geometry.
  • Several Orboters can be combined with each other working hand in hand to create sophisticated highspeed processes.


ProBots are the “hands” of the Orboter. ProBots may have various functions.

  • ProBots can handle parts by suckers or grippers
  • ProBots can machine objects having tools of any kind. The even may change the tools during the process.
  • ProBots can collect objects and parts
  • ProBots can assemble products
  • ProBots can inspect objects, determine and align their position and measure parts.


  • The Orboter takes packaging process to a new speed level. Change over time to be reduced to almost nothing.
  • The Orboter provides utmost flexibility and speed to joining and assembly processes.
  • The Orboter redefines the logistic by combining transportation, commissioning, proce`ssing and packaging. Connected to databases and ERP-systems it is the perfect device to implement and apply the IIOT.

ProBot with a Gripper

ProBot with a Vacuum Gripper

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