Paper Processing Machine

The modular transportation machine is the base for various inspections and product processings. Paper, carton, cardboard or plastics as a roll or a sheet pile are fed to the machine. There are several machine width, product length and running levels available.
Thanks to innovative technologies and smart systems the machine is fast and easy to operate. Long period experience particularly in graphic art machines ensures utmost reliability and precision. Especially for preprinted and preprocessed substrates these machines demonstrate their strength.
Short setup times, easy operation, unique solutions and exceptional flexibility provides our customers unbeatable efficient productions.
The machines can be a conveyor system enriched by our customer products and equipment to process materials.
PROTION also provides complete machines and systems for individual and product specific machine modules.
Thanks to our project and design capabilities we are able to create and supply modules and processes for advanced applications.
The following examples may give a picture of opportunities:
  • Quality inspection and sorting of print products
  • Inspection of specific product characteristics and performances
  • Marking, numbering and personalization of print products and security prints
  • Partial coating and varnishing of packaging products and publications
  • Generating of functional layers on flat substrates
  • Forming and cutting of packaging boxes
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