Synthetic DNA

Property identification or anti-counterfeiting

by SDNA labeling

Protects Your Property

Avoids Illegal Copying

Secures Intellectual Ownership

Enables Unique and Safe Tracking

Provides Secure and Reliable Object Identification

Another Innovation by PROTION

World First Industrial Applicator for Synthetic and Artificial DNA Fluids


The microdots contain a unique code with which the police can determine the registered owner by querying the database.

SDNA Fulids

Synthetic DNA is a modern, "CSI-like" marking fluid like artificial DNA or robust, anorganic tracers With such liquids you can label your valuables with a unique and difficult-to-remove trademark.

Industrial Applicator

PROTION GmbH has developed an industrial applicator for mid to high volume production, specially designed and optimized for DNA and tracer liquids. It reliably works in mass production for more than a year now.

Fluids are being provided by SDNA Technology GmbH. More information about the technology and particular applications from practice can be found on the website of SDNA-Technology-GmbH.

Automatic Industrial Applicator for Synthetic DNA Safety Liquids.

PROTION has developed automatic industrial applicator  system for a DNA safety liquid. SDNA-Technology-GmbH supplies an innovative, reliable and certified branding process for securing property, real estate and valuables worldwide. An invisible liquid is applied to an object to be secured. The liquid contains microdots that can be individual for each application. With a special and certified reader, the branding can be detected and read out. Since the marking is abrasion-resistant and very durable, the marking can be used reliably to prove ownership.

While for individual applications the manual marking of objects is a well-tried process, it has not yet been possible to mark industrially produced products, as there has been a lack of an automatic applicator. In cooperation with SDNA-Technology-GmbH, PROTION GmbH has developed such an automatic applicator, specially designed and tuned to the DNA liquid. It has now been in production for a year now.

The application system works contactless and similar to inkjet printing. The marking with the DNA liquid can be applied to stand-still objects or moving objects. The system has a modular design and can be equipped with the common industrial control interfaces. By that the system can also be integrated very well into existing production machines.

Areas of Application of Synthetic DNA and SDNA Security and Marker Fluids 

  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • High Valuables
  • Invisible Personalization and Protection

  • Food Tracking
  • Product Life Time Identification
  • Tickets and Access Devices
  • and many more

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